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Skatepunkz Metapark!


Skatepunkz is a collection of 10,000 radical and unique NFT Skaters shredding across the Solana Blockchain.

These wild Skatepunkz are obsessed with attention and will unlock new skateboarding tricks based on how many times they’re viewed! There are over 300 distinct characteristics in Skatepunkz and 11 different properties, including facial expressions, clothing, skate gear, and more!

You NEED To Buy A Skatepunkz NFT, here's why:

  • Your NFT loves being in the spotlight. The more people who see it, the more tricks and utility it will earn.
  • Your NFT acts as a membership pass, allowing you to take part in community events and contribute to the creation of our VR skatepark in the Metaverse.
  • Your NFT can be assigned a unique name after minting, which is then linked to it permanently even if it is sold.
  • As an NFT holder, upon achieving level 10 in our Discord community, you will be rewarded with merchandise featuring your favorite Skatepunkz NFT from your collection.

10,000 Unique Skatepunkz:
7000 Males & 3000 Special-Edition Females

Fair Launch with Equal Distribution

All Skaterpunkz cost 1 SOL

Skatepunkz NFT Holders have 100% Commercial Rights to Use, Sell, & Profit from their NFTs

Additional NFT Benefits will be unlocked through Roadmap Activations


All Skatepunkz are totally gnarly but some are more rad than others. That’s why we set up our rarity section to show you which of our skaters has what it takes to be great.

There are over 300 traits, 11 categories and 5 classes of boys and girls making some more rare than the next. Mint a legendary Skatepunkz and find yourself on the fast track to be epic!

Mint Your NFT


Skatepunkz NFTs will be available for 1 SOL each at launch.

You can mint as many as you like, with a limit of 1 Skatepunk per transaction!

We are committed to a fair launch, we have no white list, no pre-mint.

All 10K NFT will be up for grabs at launch, any Skatepunkz we acquire will be purchased minted in the same way, at the same price, as everyone else.

Mint Your NFT

Roadmap Activations

10% SOLD!

We’ll airdrop digital copies of Sean Sullivan’s book of classic skate photography called BARGE @ WILL to all Skatepunkz holders.

20% SOLD!

We begin developing our own utility token to finance the Skatepunkz Skateboarding community development program.

30% SOLD!

We purchase a plot of Decentraland to use as our very own VR Skatepark, the coolest place for Skaters to hang out on the whole blockchain!

40% SOLD!

We’ll hold a contest, allowing the community to suggest and vote on names for our revolutionary virtual skatepark!

50% SOLD!

419 Party @ The Half Century Mark

60% SOLD!

We begin work on launching our very own wickedly badass Skatepunkz Skateboarding Merchandise store!

70% SOLD!

We organize an NFT charity auction utilizing artwork produced by Skatepunkz community members, with profits going to a Skateboarding-related charity determined by the community!

80% SOLD!

We get started building our VR Skatepark and Recreational Center in the Metaverse with input from the community to ensure that it is the best design possible.

90% SOLD!

We start development on a cutting-edge Blockchain skateboarding video game where you can showcase all the awesome tricks your Skatepunkz NFT has earned.

100% SOLD!

To commemorate our shared success, world-renowned skateboarding photographer and transcendental DJ Sean Sullivan will host a live event in our Discord community.

Our Story

Decades before Cryptopunks, Bitcoin, and Blockchain, a drought in Southern California in the 1970s resulted in thousands of swimming pools being emptied. Little did they know that this would spawn a movement as renegade youth barged these empty pools on their skateboards and in the process sparked a revolution that continues today. These death-defying stuntmen were the original Skatepunkz!

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All Skatepunkz are rad but some are gnarlier than others.

There are over 300 traits, 11 categories, and 5 classes of boys and girls.

11 Categories


5 Classes

Super Rare
Ultra Rare
Mint Your NFT

Meet the Team

Sean Sullivan


World-Renown Skateboard / Snowboarding Photographer with 30+ Years Experience

Robert Landivar

NFT Artist & 3D Designer

Visionary-Level Digital Artist with 30+ Years Experience

Jake Candelaria

Lead Developer and Utility Specialist

Andrew Martin

CTO / Project Manager

Entrepreneur / Developer

Leobardo Gonzalez

Digital Ads & PPC Specialist

Digital Marketing, Data & Analytics Expert with 10+ Years Experience

Andrew Herring

Artist, Designer, Image Specialist & Magician

Executive Arts & Entertainment Expert with 12+ Years Experience

Louis Balletta

CIO / Video Editor / Marketer

Entrepreneur, Actor, Influencer & Film Producer with 30+ Years Experience


How much do Skatepunkz cost?

Skatepunkz NFTs will be available for 1 SOL each at launch.

Is there a limit to how many Skatepunkz I can mint?

You can mint as many as you like, with a limit of 1 Skatepunkz NFT per transaction!

What date and time will minting start?

On Sunday November 21st, 6PM PST / 2 AM UTC, the minting will begin with an announcement on all of our social media platforms, including Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and our website so you don’t miss out.

Where will minting take place?

Minting will ONLY be accessible at https://skatepunkz.io – double-check the URL to ensure it’s correct before proceeding with minting!

Which Solana Wallets will be supported?

You’ll need a Solana wallet to purchase and manage your Skatepunkz NFT collection, we recommend using one of the following wallets: https://phantom.app/ OR https://www.sollet.io/

How many Skatepunkz are reserved for Giveaways, Marketing & Community?

We’ve reserved 100 Skatepunkz NFTs for giveaways, prominent influencers, and famous skateboarders to raise community awareness, exposure, and hype in the lead-up to launch.

How many attributes do Skatepunkz have?

There are approximately 200 attributes for male skaters and 100 attributes for female skaters with many different categories, including hair, headwear, tattoos, clothes, eyewear, and much more!

Will Skatepunkz have a Rarity System?

Yes, we adore scarcity as much as you do. Once we’ve sold out we’ll release a chart to show the variation in rarity from common to legendary features, including everything from regular clothing to golden war helmets.

Will I be able to trade Skatepunkz on a secondary market?

Our secondary market will be accessible via DigitalEyes NFT Marketplace directly after launch. Our Discord community will also have a marketplace channel reserved for trading.

Do I own the commercial rights to my Skatepunkz NFT?

As the owner of a Skatepunkz NFT, you’ll have full commercial rights to use, sell, and profit from it as long as you acknowledge us as the original creators of the Skatepunkz NFT collection!

Will there be Resale Royalties?

A 10% commission will be applied to all resales. We will be using these funds for future development.