White paper

Who we are:

Skatepunkz is a collection of 10,000 programmatically generated and unique NFT skaters on the Solana Blockchain.


Their mission is to one day build out a skatepark in the Metaverse for all skaters to hang!

Smart contracts + hosting

These skaters are backed by Candy Machine smart contracts (address here) and stored on the IPFS server. The Skatepunkz come packed with several utilities, rarities and unlockables.

The current functioning utilities are:

Utility #1

First ever owner gets to one time name their Skatepunkz.

Utility #2

The second utility is a view to earn. It keeps track of every eyeball or view your skater receives. Views received are tracked and count towards your skater leveling up, thus performing new and better tricks in the metaverse skatepark.

Utility #3

The third utility is a surprise, but HINT: lets just say its smart to buy a few skaters to better the chances in order to adopt the 3rd utility.


Unlockables are just another feature added to the skatepunkz that allows the NFT to release certain prizes to their owners based on Discord participation. Examples, digital e skatebooks, pass to a skateboard event, and also physical items like a skateboard could be delivered. Unlockables are unpredictable and can release something at anytime.


All skaters are created equal but some are more gnarlier than the next. There are 5 categories with 11 different properties ranging some Skatepunkz from common to some being uniquely rare. Minting for a rare Skater can be directly minted from our d-App (address here), then put up to sell on our secondary market website called Solsea.io. From here our original investors can buy a Skatepunkz, turn around and list for whatever amount they market will bear at that time.


There is a road map filled with great desire to house the coolest skatepark in all the Metaverse. It ranges from a video game to a merchant store that will benefit the community to a digital book from our CEO and 30 year skate and snowboard photographer. (Theres a crowdshare % split with our merch store )

Our team is made up of 8 including a 25 year artist and his wife heading up our art department. We have a mixture of marketers, influencers and developers to bring this project fully to fruition according to the roadmap